For me, creativity began at five years old …
with a passion for black crayons while coloring.
I would always wear down the black crayon first for some reason.

Creativity was watching my father sketch, draw, paint and create beauty out of nothing.
Watching my mom stitch needlepoint angels into pillow cases or hearing her sing a song out loud in her soprano voice.
Creating kitten puppets for a “three little kittens” puppet show in my fourth grade art club and winning art awards for contests.

When I was 11 years old I toured a news station and saw a graphic designer working on their computer… and at that point .. I knew … I wanted be THAT… one day.

Creativity is challenging, frustrating and rewarding all at once.

The challenging part is believing you are creative. Believing you can do it. Putting Faith over Fear.
Challenges for me growing up looked different than most kids. Overcoming poverty and a broken home surrounded by addiction, being bullied in school for being different, constantly worrying what other people will think, where would we live next or if we would have electric or food. It was in the loneliest of hours that creativity is what saved me… what pushed me forward….

I overcame those frustrations of my circumstance by pushing on and graduating college with a Digital Design degree at the top of my class. This was a pivotal point for beginning my creative career.
Through the years more challenges, frustrations and rewards would come to be.
Winning bids for ad campaigns for high profile clients, working long hours and getting paid less, getting promoted to Art Director, working even longer hours but still getting paid less. Downsizing a department and seeing lives changed by the words “we are sorry, we have to let you go”.

These frustrations and challenges would eventually lead me to putting faith over fear when I left my job to begin my own chapter, my own business, my own hours and rewards. Making my own schedule, meeting deadlines, still some long work hours, some days working in my pajamas… just because I can! But I don’t recommend that everyday 😉

Owning my own business gave me the gift of being able to help my mother in the last years of her life, giving me the flexibility to take time off to take her to Dr. appts. And visit her in the nursing home. A reward with memories of holding her hand while I drive and listening to her sing out loud in her soprano voice … older now, but still creatively beautiful 🙂

The truly rewarding part of my business is making a difference in solving a creative problem for my clients.
Whether it be murals on walls to brighten up a nursery, a logo for a startup to put their brand above the competition, a children’s book illustration or book cover and layout for a new author, a social media post design for a business to make their presence known or volunteering for a non profit that helps change women’s lives. How rewarding it is to help others with the gifts I’ve been given.

Creativity is my brand, it’s who I am, it’s what I live, what I breathe. Making a difference is my vision.
And there’s a story behind it as I’ve told you bits and pieces. Our stories are what make us relatable to each other.
Our stories help each other grow and trust.
How we help others and affect them in positive ways are what makes a brand.

What is your brand? What is your story? How can you share your business brand with the world?
A great logo is a great starting point, but it’s more than a logo.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou